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We offer professional web design services at affordable prices and we guarantee that our work will help your business attract more visitors to your website. We design business websites that are both mobile phone and search engine optimization (SE0) friendly.

Our web design packages offer great prices discount to our esteemed clients from Startups, small-medium-enterprises and large corporations. We work within your budget and give you the best visually appealing, professionally executed elegant business website.

On the other hand, our social media marketing digital agency will make sure your brand products and services will reach millions of buyers online. Our highly targeted social media platforms will act as your virtual sales representatives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Your website is the most important marketing asset, considering 90% of online experiences start with a search engine, 60% of consumers primarily uses your company’s website to find and engage with you, while 70% of your consumers will judge your company’s credibility based on its website design functionalities. Choosing an experienced web designer is paramount to your business success.

 More than 50% of all website queries happen on a mobile device, that is why mobile responsive web design is important. Is your website developer up-to-date with the current mobile SEO practices, or do they have hidden fees that obligates you to pay a fine when you want to migrate to a better web design service?

Most of our websites are designed using WordPress because it is the best web design platform by far, and that is why most companies prefer it. Below are some of our web design services.

Our Full Web Design Agency Services

  • Business Websites
  • Website Redesigns
  • Website Advertising
  • Custom Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Design & Development
  • Professional Search Engine Optimization
  • Google AdWords & Bing Ads Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Sales
  • Professional Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Tshirt Printing
  • Business Cards Printing

Landing-Page Design Optimization.

Your landing page should convert visitors into customers. Your sales copy should entice them to buy from you and also become your brand ambassadors. Word of mouth is the best type of viral marketing.

       Characteristics of a Sales-Driving Website Design

A characteristic of a great sales-driven website includes a secure (SSL) domain, search engine optimization friendliness, responsive mobile web design applications, easy navigation user experience, and fast website loading time.

From web design to content, our team of experienced web designers will handle it all to give you a turn-key business website ready to go. Here are some features you will get:

  • Hosting and coding
  • Website design
  • Advanced analytics tracking
  • Optimization for SEO
  • Existing content import
  • Lead form creation and tracking
  • Website compatibility across all browsers and devices
  • Integration with social media pages
  • XML sitemap creation and submission
  • And much more!


One question we get a lot is “How much does website design cost?”

Our web design services are not one-size-fits-all business solutions Things to consider about a web design package is the web hosting service, type of domain name, and how dynamic you want your website to be. Continually update it to increase your search engine ranking. The average website design has a life expectancy of 2-5 years. Always remember to renew your web hosting services before it expires because once you lose your business website domain, there are millions of people waiting to snatch it and drive your traffic to their own website.

With a limited web design budget you can buy a basic website design package that will inform your customers about your office location, contact information and the products and services you deliver. Our websites are designed to increase leads, drive sales growth, optimize marketing costs and make your unique brand stand out in the marketplace.

Local SEO Services & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads.

Our highly trained team of search engine optimization experts, SEO article writers, and social media marketing specialists will help you with your search engine optimization, social media marketing, or pay per click campaigns. They will plan out the best marketing strategies for your business to grow faster.

We have a team of expert website developers who can turn your ideas into reality. If you need a custom application added to your current website, such as a custom WordPress plugin, or a whole new online application, we can do it. 

We specialize in various computer programming web design languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, PYTHON, and JAVA. You can request our website developers to integrate a database into your design, enable eCommerce functionalities that will capture customers’ information that will enable you to connect with them on different social media platforms. You will have 100 percent access to the back-end login information to log into the cPanel. You may request us to teach you how the control panel works so that you can learn how to edit the website by yourself if you may so choose to do so. You may already have a great website that needs to be search engine optimized or redesigned for better return on investment, just contact us and we will be happy to do that for you.

Our web design team tailor their web design services to your unique company’s needs. We can customize your website features and functionalities according to your Geo-location, company mission and vision statement goals, or targeted audience. With better online visibility comes more website traffic resulting from frequent relevant search queries from prospects.


Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business, or a service provider company, our website designers can design a responsive dynamic business website that your company needs to reach, inform, and convert your targeted audience and turn them into happy customers. Apart from a full-service web design agency, we also offer SEO content marketing services as well for maximum marketing impact. It is also very essential that your website captures what your brand is exactly about.

It is important to know that 75 percent of online shoppers only buy from companies listed on the first page of the search engine results, and more than 30 percent of all search traffic goes to the top first organic search result below the expensive google advertisement.


We recommend responsive web design because it supports mobile phone users who shop online using their tablets and smartphones. Currently, more than 60 percent on the internet’s traffic comes from mobile users, and that is why Google now follows a mobile-first index methodology, meaning it crawls and views websites from the perspective of a mobile user, not a desktop user. If your website does not support mobile users, Google sees that and lowers your ranking in the search results. The best reason is that responsive design automatically resizes your website to fit on any device.


Many company websites feature a database, for newsletter subscriptions, and processing online payments. We provide full support for database integration, which we separate into three tiers — basic, advanced, and full database web development. As a part of our database integration services, our team of web designers and website developers work with your company to ensure we develop the exact database your company needs.


A CMS is part of our valuable web design services that will streamline your content, and improve marketing efficiency. You can opt for the standard, advanced, or enterprise CMS web design package depending on the size of your company. To get a price quote, contact us online.

Why invest in professional web design services?

There are several factors to consider like increasing your company profit, market share, conversion rates, and business competitiveness. It is paramount to know that 80 percent of local search engine results convert prospects into buyers, and 90 percent of your customers will divert to your competitors due to poor user experience on your website. No matter your industry, you have a direct competitor, so it’s imperative for your company to have the best competitive edge. Your unique selling points should provide your customer with better user experience, compared to your competitor. Remember, your first impression, is your best impression.

With our competitive SEO strategy, and professional web design services, you are guaranteed better online visibility.

We follow and adhere to the top five principles of web design that guides us to create amazing business websites that highly convert. These principles are website appearance, attention, navigation, direction and call to action.

The appearance of your website tells visitors more about your company. How you incorporate and optimize modern design elements, images, and other multimedia features shows how serious you are about your business. It plays a huge role in attracting online customers.

Easy website navigation elements like Breadcrumb are essential to implement on your website.  Let us fix your website broken links that frustrates customers who end up buying from your competitors. Add Google analytics to track where visitors go on your website and that will help you understand what their needs are.

Attention is the most valuable commodity in marketing, branding and advertising. Once a visiting prospect is on your website, it’s crucial that you hold their attention so that you do not miss out on a sale. You can use different types of content formats to hold their attention including, videos, audios and info-graphics. Once you have your visitors’ attention, it’s time to give them a sense of direction on your page.

While desktop users use a mouse or scrollbar to progress through your page, mobile visitors use their fingers. This means your web pages should be easy for someone to tap, hold, or swipe up, down or sideways.

Most mobile websites have a hamburger menu — a navigation style that lets users tap a button, open up a menu, and choose their next page to visit from there. Hamburger menus get their name from their distinctive symbol. You may recognize it as looking something like this: ☰

Encourage your visitors to take action (buy), by using call-to-action website features at the end of every page on your site. A CTA acts as instructions, telling visitors what they should do next to get one step closer to becoming a loyal customer. Studies prove that CTAs dramatically increase conversions in every online business model, from lead generation to charitable donations. Our team of SEO copywriters will help you develop compelling CTAs that will increase your email subscribers to online buyers. There are different forms of call-to-actions features like buttons, text links, image links and form fields.

Our professional graphic designers are able to take your company’s personality and translate it to visual design. They will carefully apply different types of website color schemes, typography, and essential design principles that will represent your brand correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions our web design clients ask us about our web design business solutions.

What will I Get with the Website?

When the web design process is complete, we will upload all the website files on your web hosting account and you will have full control of the website. In addition to the website, at your request, we can teach you how to make changes to the website for a small fee, so you can do it yourself.

What are the payment terms

An initial down payment of 75% of the website value will be required to be paid as commitment fee before we begin the web development. Once we have designed the website and all the changes are done according to your specifications, you will be required to clear the balance before the website goes live.

What do you need from me to start?

To begin the web design process, we require a number of things from you: 

  1. Your Logo in Vector format or high quality png.
  2. Photos that you would like us to use on your website.
  3. Text for each of the pages we will be building for you.
  4. The colors and fonts you would like to use on your website.
  5. At least 3 website you like and ther reasons why you like them.
  6. Examples of websites that you want yours to look like.

What happens after I Pay

Once you pay, we will start organizing your content and planning the best web design strategy of your website. After approval from you, we will then start working on the actual website that will result in a complete website ready for your customers to see. In case we have any questions, we will contact you.

Is the payment once or recurrent?

The cost of building your website is a one-time fee, and once you have paid the full agreed amount, you will only need to make annual payments for your web hosting which is a separate service.

How Many Changes Can I Make before Launch

Once we have issued the first preview, You will have 2 days to request all the changes you need on the website after which we will be able to proceed with delivering the website within the deadline agreed upon.

Can I edit the website myself after launching?

Yes. Most of the websites we create are highly editable by a person who has basic web design skills.

Will my website be available on Google automatically?

A website usually takes about a month to be indexed on Google, but our websites get indexed within 24 hours of being published online. Your website will be indexed on other top search engines like Yahoo, and Bing.

Do you do backups of my website?

The responsibility of performing backups on website rests on you as our client. It is important that you do so, or you will charged an extra fee for that.

Who controls the website after its launched?

Once the website is launched on your domain name, you will have full access and control of the website. You can perform any changes you deem necessary. If you would like us to perform any updates or edits to the website, we will need you to provide us with the login credentials since we will not have direct access.

Why do I need a Website?

A website increases your visibility online that allows your organization to be seen by millions of potential buyers online. This has the potential to open up new markets to you and enable you to trade and do business more seamlessly with the global market. Your clients will be able to reach you no matter where they are, and vice versa. We use advanced web design technologies to build custom web applications that are secure and scalable. We follow agile development methodology to ensure flexibility and faster delivery.

There are competitive questions you need to ask yourself like the ones below:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are they doing well in?
  • What are they doing not so good in?
  • What services do they offer better than you?
  • Why would your clients choose them over you?

Using a SWOT analysis will be very helpful when looking into your competitors. Look at how their website is structured, see the visuals and get a feel of the overall user experience. Learn how you can make your unique selling proposition better than theirs.

Your website is the place where you want to spend most of your business branding and marketing budget because it is the main portal for most of your sales and enquiries. Make sure you have a custom email address for your customers to communicate with you. It’s advantage is that it shows that your business is genuine and well established. It will also have a lesser chance of showing up in someone’s spam folder.  Contact us for your web design, SEO, and Social media marketing services at +254 708 181 665.

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