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Mombasa Job Employment Agencies

To have your job posted, email your company comprehensive advertisement to including the office location, job title, duties and responsibilities, qualification requirements, as well as the deadline submission date.

Job Opportunities in Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa has many job opportunities both in the public and private business sectors, from beach hotels to parastatal companies like Kenya Ports Authority.

Kenya Web Designers Companies work in close partnership with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to make sure the talent they hire is of the best quality. The professionals we hire exhibit the highest calibre of skills and  mindset.

Job Vacancies in Mombasa Kenya

Make sure your job CV stands out from your competition who may be better qualified candidates seeking the same company position.

Mombasa Jobs Recruitment Agencies

Our human resource HR personnel are committed to excellence. Our team is equipped with knowledge and support staff to meet all your needs. 

Make Money Online.

There are  many ways to make money online, including selling t shirts and web design services.

Work From Home.

When you have a high paying skillset like SEO, you can earn money online, working from home. This gives you more time to spend with your family, as well as saving you transportation money.

Kenya Jobs

Over 60 percent of Kenya’s population are youth, but most of them are unemployed either due to illiteracy, or corporate corruption in the job market that take advantage of them. 

Most jobs in the future will be on the internet, so if you are still in college, choose your career path wisely, to make sure the job you are studying for will not be obsolete after you graduate.

Form Four Leavers Jobs

There are thousands of jobs available in the Mombasa informal business sector found in hospitals, construction companies, and transportation services, just to mention but a few. We provide jobs that you can learn as you work, gain experience, as you work your way up the executive corporate ladder. Availability, and humility is key to getting ahead. Always have mentors that will guide you forward.

5Cs of Business

Capital. Competence. Capacity. Collateral. Community.

Allocate adequate business capital that can sustain your company for a year without fail. Do your due feasibility study and due diligence even before you register your company. Then make sure your competent skills are way above the job market standard so that customers get more value than they can bargain for.

Build your company capacity by establishing new profit centers in places with high demand for your products and services. After five years in business, you will have saved enough collateral to buy assets that you can use to get low interest business loans that will help your small business turn into an enterprise or a franchise. Now people can buy shares in your company, as soon as it goes public.

Always give back to the community via your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that are tax exempted, in that way you appease both the government and your loyal customers. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

Youth Empowerment

The Kenya government has earmarked monies and contract tenders set aside to help the youth open businesses of their own.

STEM Programs

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

Future high income skills will be based on your knowledge proficiency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects. Focus on them, as you adapt artificial intelligence as a lifestyle. Join tech hubs like SwahiliPot Hub to stay ahead of the digital trend.

Learn web design

When you learn how to design your own business website, you have an advantage over your competition. You can also teach others and get paid handsomely, from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop computer, and a wifi internet connection to make money online. Contact Danie Chege and he will teach you today. 

Mombasa Companies On Linkedin

Linkedin is the best business network in the world with more than 700 million professionals, and it is owned by the richest man, Bill Gates. Join the website to network with local business owners, get free university grants and scholarships from NGOs and bank institutions.

Be A Producer, Not A Consumer

The Bible and the Quran says, we should not be borrowers, but lenders. To live a great lifestyle you should be accountable for how you spend your budget. Surround yourself with thought leaders in your industry, and always ask them questions to find out their strength and weaknesses, and use them to your advantage.

Mombasa Needs Volunteers Like You

Most great leaders got their dream jobs by first volunteering their time and expertise to uplift the people in the community. At Kenya Web Designers Companies, we teach volunteers high income skills that will help them in life. Our vision and mission statement is to see all the youth in Kenya be self sufficient before 2030.

Mombasa County Government Jobs

The Mombasa County Government website has various jobs available for you. If you can’t reach the officials physically, you can connect with them on Linkedin first, build a friendly rapport with them, and they will be happy to recommend you to their company.     Great friends respect each other’s race, religion and beliefs.