What is billboard advertising?

billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure usually found in high-traffic areas alongside busy roads. Billboards show large advertisements to passing pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

Mombasa billboard advertising cost prices in Kenya

Billboard advertising cost depends on the location, format type, circulation size, demographics, and impressions. Billboards are more cheaper in rural areas compared to town areas, depending on the location population and if the billboard is digital or analog. Contact us to see which advertising campaign fits your budget.

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Mombasa Business Billboard Designs in Kenya

Our billboard designs take viewers on a journey with a bold, interactive brand story that will make them call your company or visit your store to learn more. Most drivers stuck in traffic, take a picture of the billboard so they can get your phone number and call you later.

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Billboard Statistics

Billboard advertising is 380% more effective at driving online activity than TV ads.

70% of car drivers consciously look at billboards when driving.

Billboard advertising , when paired with search engine optimization (SEO), boosts its effectiveness by 40%

6% of global ad spending is dedicated to outdoor billboard advertising.

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