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Josephine Osodo

Josephine Osodo is a licensed and registered homes property and land valuer real estate agent based both in Mombasa, and Nairobi Kenya. She has 30 years of home property management experience.

For free property valuation consultation, contact Josephine Osodo at 0715-804-237 or email her at

Phina Valuers Kenya – Mombasa Homes Valuation Company.

Phina Valuers Kenya is a home property real estate company based both in Mombasa and Nairobi Kenya. Their headquarter office is at 6th floor, Furaha Plaza, on Nkrumah Road, Mombasa Kenya.

Their real estate services include:

  • Home Property Management Services
  • Real Estate Valuation Consultation Services
  • Property Rent Collection Agent Services
  • Mombasa Land For Sale Services
  • Commercial Shops To Let Services
  • Homes For Rent Services
  • Professional Land Surveying Services

Mombasa homes property management companies services in Kenya

Managing home properties can be stressful when you try to respond to tenant complaints, purse evictions, control maintenance costs, screen ideal tenants, collect security deposits, fill vacancies, while marketing your property. Let Phina Valuers do that for you so you can focus on growing your portfolio. Call 0715 804 237.

Mombasa homes valuation consultancy agencies Kenya

Get your first free home property valuation consultation from Josephine Osodo who has 30 years of property management experience. Do not buy land or home property before doing a property search, ascertaining the real owner, location, and it has no outstanding loan or court order. We will help you with the process, give us a call.

Mombasa County Land Surveyors Kenya

Make sure your land surveyor is licensed, and registered by the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya or he will rip you off. We will connect you with experienced, reputable land surveyors whom we’ve worked together for more than 20 years.

Frequently Asked Home Property Valuation Questions:

What is home property valuation report?

A property valuation report is an appraisal inspection carried out by a valuer to determine the current market value of a your property. It is usually undertaken by an estate agent or an independent valuer, typically acting on behalf of the vendor or a money lending institution (bank, insurance company), who are considering to fund its purchase.

What are the benefits of home valuations in Kenya?

  1. You get the best market price for your property.
  2. You get the bank loan approval that you require.
  3. Property valuation builds equity in your investment.

Why do I need a house property valuation in Kenya?

Here are some of the reasons you need property valuation done by a licensed valuer in Kenya:

  1. To easily secure a home mortgage loan
  2. To get the best selling price for your home
  3. For Tax Deduction Purposes
  4. For divorce settlement purposes
  5. For insurance purposes.

Do You Have Houses & Apartments For Rent in Mombasa Kenya?

Phina Valuers Homes Property Management Company has several houses & apartments for rent and to let in Mombasa, Kenya. Call or WhatsApp us at 0715 804 237.

Do You Have Houses & Apartments For Sale in Mombasa Kenya?

We have land, house properties, and commercial buildings for sale in Mombasa Kenya. Contact us with your budget so that we can match the best real estate property for you.

Why Buy Land Or Houses in Mombasa Kenya?

Mombasa is a regional, cultural, and economic tourism hub with a large shipping port, an international airport, and the biggest tea auction in east Africa. Located on the east coast of Kenya, it is the second capital city, after Nairobi.

Do You Have Home Property Agents in Nairobi Kenya?

We have home property agents in Nairobi Kenya at your service to better serve you. Call our office at 0733 838568